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Hi, I'm Kerri

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My Story

Helping Others Find Clarity & Confidence

I’ve spent 20+ years in progressively senior management roles, working with teams that were both local and national. Over those years, I gained valuable insight into the confusion, frustrations, expectations, and motivations needed to grow within an ever-changing workplace, and how to best support someone through this process.  

Like many managers, I battled my own inner dialogue of perfectionism and uncertainty, while maintaining a calm and confident outward appearance. Coaching helped me overcome my blocks and be a better leader. Coaching was a safe space to talk with someone; a strategic thinking partner or a confidential sounding board that was committed to listening and assisting me to change my mindset and grow in my role. I discovered a coach is someone who can help people navigate their fears and doubts while being in a role where they want to be confident and motivating.

Too often, managers don’t feel supported, understood, or connected in their roles. I know firsthand the benefits of simply having someone to share what's going on in your mind; someone to untangle your thoughts and help you address an issue in a new way for better results. That is why I became a coach, to be that empathetic, authentically curious, and enlightening support system for others like you.

I already believe in your exponential potential as a leader, now let's work together to ignite it for you!

Outside of coaching, I have a deep love of the outdoors and like to spend my time hiking, traveling, doing yoga, or riding horseback through the mountains. My soul is happiest when I can explore, read, learn, and grow. I have a deep sense of purpose to empower those looking for clarity in their lives, support them in the process, and encourage their growth.

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My Purpose

Experience your power and potential in order to live a more fulfilled life at work and home.

I became a Certified Leadership Coach because I have personally experienced the positive results coaching can bring to all areas of your life. Empowering teams and personal development has been at the core of my leadership approach throughout my career and I am passionate about bringing out the very best in others. This is what led me to coaching. Coaching enables me to authentically connect and engage with individuals so that they can discover or renew their self-belief, confidence and commitment in themselves.

I believe coaching is an experience that everyone could benefit from. It maximizes your potential and the transformational impact it can have on you creates a positive ripple effect across your teams, your organizations and family.

My purpose is to help you work through the clutter of thought to find clarity; break old patterns and find rewarding ones, and become enlightened through the knowledge you discover within yourself.

Join me in this profoundly empowering experience!

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My Approach to Coaching

What to Expect

I strive to offer the right balance of authentic curiosity, genuine engagement, enlightenment, empowerment, and, when needed, challenge. Each client and session will differ as each client is unique and can change from one conversation to another. My communication style is relaxed, empathetic, encouraging and always honest.

Each time we meet, you can expect 100% confidentiality. The direction and tone of the conversation will be led by you. New topics or goals will be explored as you are uncovering challenges. Between sessions, you will work on targets you have set, monitor your progress and reflect on the insights you have gained from new actions.

We will work together to clarify your goals and identify concrete outcomes you would like to work on. These are not set in stone and can (and will!) be updated as we progress. We will find a style that's most effective for us as a team. It is essential that you always feel heard and respected and that you understand an honest conversation should never get in the way of real communication.​

Coaching Conversations
About Me: About Me
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